Thursday, February 16, 2012

Living strong

I started my very first actual workout with the Livestrong program at the YMCA yesterday. It's a really awesome program for people who have cancer. You get to do personalized workouts for 12 weeks twice a week and you also get a free membership for that time. This is my local branches first time doing the program, so I got to be part of a focus group last month which was kind of cool. UCO is also collecting research on this program so there are scientisty doctor types there too.

I was pretty nervous going in. It's been a while since I've done any kind of structured excerise program. Not to mention this last year left me all frail and baby kitten weak. But I had on my very brand new yoga pants with coordinating top so at least I looked legit.

Now let me preface this next part by saying that I really enjoyed myself and I am extremely excited about this program. With that said, there were a few things that made me giggle and/or burn a little with shame.

My particular group has one lady that is 49 (and I want to be as fit as her one day) and the rest are in their 70's and 80's. I honestly think that's awesome! They are all amazing people and have incredible insight and hilarious stories. But it was just a teeny bit awkward participating in some of the testing with them.

For instance, one of the tests was to sit in a chair and when Mrs. Straightlace McScientist said go, you had to stand up and walk as fast as you could around a cone (which was like 3 feet away) and then sit back down. Oh and it was timed. When she told me to do a practice run without being timed, the inappropriate giggles began. I explained that I understood and that I really didn't need a practice run. She insisted stating that she wanted me to get a feel for the test. At this point I am full on shaking with giggles. She then very seriously asks me what is so funny. I try to regain composure and mumble something about feeling silly and reminds me of field day. The next few minutes are spent with her explaining the importance, a few false starts and me cackling uncontrollably. The worst most giggle inducing part was when she began cheering for me. "Yes! You can do it. Great job!" and I am just thinking of course I can stand up and walk around a cone. I mean she could see me right? She had just watched me get up from an identical chair and walk quite normally to her station. I'm pretty sure she wrote something about insanity in my chart.

We completed a few more tests and then on to the grand finale. A six minute walk. This is where you do laps around cones and collect Popsicle sticks for every lap completed. Somewhere between checking our heart rates and lining up, I felt an awful and familiar feeling creeping up inside me. It's a feeling I thought I had long since squashed. I felt competitive. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for a normal person but let's just say if I had a nickel for every hole I knocked in the wall with game controllers...ask Eddie. It is classic jekyll and Hyde. As soon as she said go, I was off. I lost all sense of decency. I lapped one guy twice and I may have shouted "on your left!" i wanted to protest fit lady's tie with me because she didn't actually make it to the Popsicle pass point when they yelled time but she took it anyway. Thankfully I wasn't too far into my Hyde side and I let it go.

Other than the crazy giggles and me running over older people for Popsicle sticks (which they didn't even let us keep by the by), I had a great time. I set some goals that I'm excited about and I really just can't wait to see what this amazing, cancer fighting, God given body can do!!


Gena said...

Becca, I had to read this one aloud to Erick. Whew. You are funny.

Chelsea said...

We would SO be friends in real life.

Becca D. said...

We are friends in real life silly:)

Julie said...

OMG Becca you are too funny!! I could just picture all in my head.. and maybe also picture me doing the exact same thing!!