Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby steps

One doctor appointment down, hopefully only one more to week. Well the beautiful and hilarious Juli gave me a quite thorough exam and thinks that my new little groin friend, Lumpelstilskin, is possibly a cyst.

Not to digress, but as far as doctor appointments go, that one was awesome. I was laughing so hard! Who knew lumps, hormones, groins and cancer scares could be so hilarious?! But seriously, would it be too forward if I asked her to be my new BFF? Or maybe I should start with something less committal, like lunch.

I'm going back next week to let Dr. G have a grope and see what he thinks. At that time, we ll decide if I need an ultrasound, a scan or hopefully it will have disappeared by then.

I feel like I've made some progress, at least emotionally, on this jacked up melanoma journey. I was offered the choice between an ultrasound today or to wait a week and see what happens. The me a year ago would have been running to radiology while pulling my pants down, grabbing for the ultrasound goo. But today, I was content to take Juli's advice and wait it out. Unfortunately, Eddie is not quite there with me, but he gets me and let's me take this trip how I need.

Am I still worried? Heck yes! Is this going to keep me up at night? Probably. But right now I feel like I can handle the upcoming week. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, one pant leg at a time. Baby steps.

On another note, I heard from the YMCA today and I get to start the Livestrong program on Monday and not a moment too soon. I'm pert near atrophied. Now, I am going to be so toned and faaabuuulous!! It's a really cool program and I sincerely hope you never meet the requirements:)

Wish me luck and prayers this week!!

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Marilyn Williams said...

Becca this is beautifully written...I am praying for you so when ever you need a little prayer pull out one of mine and use it. :) You are a great positive example to all of us whiners on how to handle tough times.
I love you and your family.